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Ys Internet Marketing

YS Internet Marketing

Promote and manage medium size internet ventures

We develop and promote small and medium size ventures. If you have a good idea and want to become our partner and use our 6 years of internet experience you are welcome to contact us.

Advantages of becoming our partner:

  1. Reduce cost risk to minimum – instead of throwing tons of money on development and promotion, you get our team to do it for you.
  2. Reduce failure risk to minimum – we bring with us vast knowledge of internet marketing, search engine promotion, conversion rate improvements and web development skills.
  3. We keep high Ethics and honest communication.
  4. You get an expert point of view for your project – our experience thought us that when a person invent an idea he usually ignores many problems and weakness points.

Content and article

We have written several articles for you and (plan to write more in the future). You are welcome to read and learn. You are also welcome to visit our resource page which is a collection of important websites for any internet venture management.


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Ys Internet Marketing Team